We are all born ‘naked’…

We met in our final year at University, we clicked straight away and graduated with a bang. 

The Naked Midwives was created back in 2016 and all started with two great friends a broken ankle and a bottle of wine! Our ambition to inform and empower pregnant couples came from the term ‘failure’.

 We would often sit and talk about our experiences at work and time and again we would fall upon the frustration of labouring women with little knowledge outside of the birth that is classified ‘normal’. Afterall…” What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly”?

 Retaining control in every scenario is paramount and to this day our driving passion is to ensure all women in our care feel a solid sense of security around their experience, creating a movement of POSITIVE BIRTHS Through knowledge, passion, education and fun we want to change this, one birth at a time.

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Our Story

From UNIVERSITY to now

As our careers progressed, we began to follow slightly different paths, allowing us each to develop our own unique set of skills, which together, strengthened our support of one another, our knowledge and friendship.

As part of our role as midwives we often taught antenatal classes together and the positive feedback from our sessions became overwhelming. This led to our lightbulb moment and the naked midwives was born, the women being our inspiration. Our aim was to manage expectations and fear in the ‘naked form’, creating self-assured and positive women leading their own birth journey. 


For many years I made excuses about my career – there was always a reason why I shouldn’t become a midwife but then a family illness made me realise that life isn’t a rehearsal!  For several years I had worked as a tailor made travel agent – a lovely job with some great travel but I always seem to be drawn back to Midwifery.  After having three children of my own, I knew the difference a good midwife can make.  Eventually I decided to stop saying ‘oh I’d love to be a midwife’ and see if I could make it a reality.  After completing an Access course I applied to Bournemouth University and got a place – a feeling of both terror and thrill in equal measure!

There were both tough and exhausting days but I never doubted my decision.   The first time I saw a baby being born it felt like such a privilege and I still feel the same way now.  Being able to support women and be their advocate at such a life changing time is pretty special.   I still practice as a midwife and I have done many parent craft education classes and worked in both high risk and low risk birth centres.   I love working with women – all of whom come to us with their own unique story and I feel that giving new parents accurate and informative information, and tips on dealing with pregnancy, birth and the early days at home enables them to enjoy their journey and feel empowered and strong.


Growing up in the North amongst a forever expanding family I spent most of my childhood surrounded by pregnant women and young babies – and this fascinated me. Not only the development and transformation of the female body but also the changes I witnessed in the personality and demeanour of my Aunts and Cousins. However, as is normally the way, I grew up and foreign adventures proved more of a pull! I travelled through Israel, Egypt and finally settled in Greece where becoming a Midwife couldn’t have been further from my mind.

After my savings had diminished and I could no longer stand the smell of ouzo I returned to the UK to pursue a new life in London. I managed to find a lovely job as a Lettings Negotiator for a small estate agents in Muswell Hill and life was great. A change in circumstances then led me to Bournemouth and the beauty of the South Coast and the sea air. Here is where my daughter was born and boy what a shock! Like a sledgehammer I was back to reflecting on my own childhood and soon decided now was the time to pursue my dreams.

Undertaking my midwifery degree was a huge journey and during the course I can honestly say I learnt as much about myself as I did about becoming a midwife.  Yes, the academic side was very tough but what you learn in practice definitely confirmed that this was the profession for me.  I am now proud to be a Midwife and increasingly passionate about both my clinical practice and the educational parent craft classes I teach. Throughout my experience so far, I can undoubtedly say, as a Midwife you have the ability and the privilege to place colour upon each and every incredible journey that is childbirth.

‘You both made us feel so much more confident in the knowledge of what to expect for labour and birth. We really appreciate the time you took to spend the day with us and personalise things for us. We will forever recommend our great experience with you’.

Jess and Kenny


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